The history of Saint-Honoré aprons


Tefilex Group has been a specialist in designing and producing textiles since 1991, renowned for its expertise.
A firm that produces original designs, the new Saint Honoré Monaco brand boasts infinite attention to detail and a respect for craftsman traditions to make it a leading name in smart styling.


The apron symbolises all the expertise of a trade. Its style and features can be adapted to comply with the constraints of different corporations. Saint Honoré Monaco liberates the garment from its corporate image to make it an essential part of gastronomy and lifestyle.

Wearing a Saint Honoré apron is all about giving purpose and respect to what we produce.


Saint Honoré Monaco is the leading name in premium aprons for professionals and amateurs, men and women. Drawing on our heritage to look to the future, the audacity of our brand lies in the art of passing down knowledge. Tradition, innovation and personalisation ensure that the humble apron earns its stripes. Saint Honoré premium aprons are designed and produced in our workshops, making us extremely responsive for made-to-measure requests.


Comfort, style and practicality ensure Saint Honoré aprons are unusual and refined, available in 11 unisex designs with various colours and materials.

These collections are aimed at anyone who appreciates creativity. Saint Honoré Monaco believes that passing down knowledge is truly essential. Why choose between innovation and tradition when you can have both!

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